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Who We Are

FRANNIES is both our dream coffee shop and a tribute to Sean’s late mother, Francesca. Her love of good coffee fueled our love of good coffee When you come into our newly renovated shop, you are coming into our personal tradition. Every morning Come for the coffee, stay for the atmosphere. Everything in our shop has been repurposed and upcycled.


At Frannies we are dedicated to helping the environment and reducing our footprint. Everything you see in Frannies from the furniture and fireplace to the dishes and books were picked specifically with Frannies from various vintage stores around BC.

Our Story

FRANNIES started as an idea. We were running our restaurant in Princeton and our lease was up!

We spend every morning together having coffee in our local coffee shop.

We wanted to create a place that was comfortable and inviting that we could call our own. There was one problem though, we had never owned a coffee shop before. We were in over our heads and needed help.

First, we needed a space for the coffee shop. We found one relatively quickly but it was a shell. The first person we needed to hire was a designer. We wanted to keep everything as local as possible. We found, April Earl, who owns the Bull and Butterfly. For her design she needed a lot the carpentry work. We were able to hire two more locals, one being the high school Principal, to do the carpentry work. Kirk McConnell and Lawrence Newman worked for many weeks building April’s vision.

Everything from the magnificent bar to the walls and benches was built by Kirk and Lawrence.
After the woodwork had been completed it was time for the finishing touches. April’s vision included a floor to ceiling mural. We were able to find a local artist, Tia Tolmie, who was able to produce a mural that was more beautiful than we could have imagined. We felt like the coffee shop was complete! We were ready for the inspection process, we thought.

The inspector in town was less impressed by the work done in the coffee shop. We had changed the use of the building. He wanted to see everything brought up to code.

We contemplated many options, including leaving everything behind but we couldn’t give up on the town and our very loyal employees who stayed with us. Little by little we chipped away at the list of things on the inspectors list. Finally, after a 7 month delay, we were ready and approved to open!

We are overjoyed and delighted to have opened Frannies. Frannies is our dream come true and we are excited to be able to share our dream with so many people!

Heather and Sean

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